Diplomat Hand Made Luxuries

Door County Cherry Almond Soap(1pkg), Bath Salts(1)
and Bath Bomb(1) as a set  $11.95
Jumbo Cherry Almond Bath Bombs, 4.5 oz., $4.50 
All Organic Cherry Almond Soap, 1 Bars, totals 5oz., $5.50
Cherry Almond Bath Salts 4oz., $3.50
These wonderfully luxurious and heavenly scented items are available for purchase through our online store.  These are the same products made and used at the Diplomat Bed and Breakfast.  Long lasting and creamy sudsing soaps, tingly fizzy bath bombs and soothingly scented bath salts are the ultimate escape from the stresses of everyday life.  Soaking in the scent of Door County cherries and almonds leaves a lasting impression of the blissful and relaxing memories spent at the Diplomat Bed and Breakfast.  Every order is carefully packaged and sent from our door to yours.